Episode 01

News | 26, November, 2018

DeCentre, held a Launch Ceremony for Supporters of College student

▲ CEO David Lee of DeCentre (Left) and Decentre Supporter Ye Jun Nyung (Right)

[IT DAILY] DeCentre, a blockchain accelerating and marketing company, has announced a launch ceremony of Decentre supporters on the 23rd, and said it plans to activate the online/offline marketing and regular meeting of the Decentre blockchain cafe.

In this ceremony, a total of eight male and female supporters such as Ye Jun Nyung and Hur Ji Won were selected and appointed for six months. They will promote blockchain meetings through Decentre Cafe, and will network with every industry. They will also participate in the supporters' activities as direct and indirect PR ambassadors for various marketing activities of Decentre.

The members of supporters are composed of researchers and Steemit administrators related to the blockchain society under each university. DeCentre explained that the members are usually interested in the blockchain industry and have experience as a supporter of the blockchain platform so it has a distinct characteristic with the hope to expand the base with more professional knowledge.

Decentre supporters plan to promote Decentre through study and group activities and online activities of their organizations, while contributing to the healthy and suitable blockchain culture spread. The supporters who are young people in the 20s and 30s as the main actors will be engaged in more active and lively marketing activities

Ye Jun Nyung, Decentre suppporter, said "I have always been interested in the blockchain industry and have been involved in the activities and meetings of related academies, but this opportunity gives me a chance to have fresh experiences of the blockchain industry which is growing rapidly. I hope to work in the blockchain industry after graduation of college. We will continue our active participation and studies to expand our network."

[Source] IT DAILY