Episode 01

Partners | 22, January, 2019

DeCentre signs strategic MOU with CoinZest Exchange

DeCentre (CEO David Lee) and CoinZest (CEO Jong-hee Jeon), one of the top exchanges in Korea, held joint marketing and business cooperation to expand the blockchain ecosystem.

DeCentre and CoinZest decided to strengthen marketing and business cooperation to expand the blockchain ecosystem through MOU concluded on 22nd.

Particularly, according to this MOU, payment service using CoinZest 's Coz coin (COZ) will be implemented in DeCentre Cafe. Currently, DeCentre Cafe provides payment services through BTC and ETH, and COZ is the first service to provide Korean crypto-payment services.

In addition, The two companies plan to continue the alliance through meetups using the DeCentre Cafe and mutual support of the CoinZest listing of the excellent cryptocurrency project.

Coinzest has launched the first trading mining token 'COZ', and it has become a top class exchange in Korea. Through a meetup that was held in October, it announced the establishment of a cryptocurrency exchange in five countries, not only in Korea but also in the global.

"The MOU with DeCentre is an example of the first agreement on the payment of the COZ," said Jong-hee Jeon, president of Coinzest. "We will expand the use of COZ and will continue our organic partnership with DeCentre, and we will continue our efforts to expand and develop the blockchain ecosystem as well as the crypto payment service. "

Mr. David Lee of DeCentre said, "I am pleased to partner with the rapidly growing CoinZest exchange. As a result, partnerships with various global exchanges and exchanges in Korea have expanded. Through this, the company has developed not only marketing activities but also comprehensive and organic support and advisory activities. In 2019, We will actively work for the IEO and STO of the blockchain projects to develop proper blockchain ecosystem. "