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News | 20, December, 2018

Bcoin's Founder held an Interview with a Top Influencer, 'Brain of God', and hosted Bcoin Meetup in Korea

The chief executives of BCoin, Singapore's cryptocurrency exchange, said that they visited Korea and interviewed 'Brain of God', a top blockchain influencer in Korea, and held a meetup at Decentre Cafe on last 13th.

BCoin is Singapore based and provides digital payment services through blockchain. It is a cryptocurrency exchange used by users around the world as well as many countries around Southeast Asia. BCoin is a rapidly growing company that achieves a transaction volume of $30 million within six months of its establishment. In addition to the exchange platform, they are also building an independent Wallet for secure storage of encrypt solutions, combined with a unified payment solution for daily purchasing, by virtually extending services. In particular, BCoin is aimed at a more comprehensive user transaction experience, and their customers who have passed KYC by the BCoin Exchange, which adheres to the guidelines provided by the Singapore MAS, can exchange or order cryptocurrencies in the payment platform as the asset management or prepaid card in the future.

The CEO Davy Goh and the director Chris Cho's visit to Korea as a part of the global expansion of BCoin highlight the importance of Korea in the Asian region. They interviewed 'Brain of God', the blockchain top influencer, through this visit, and invited more than 100 enthusiastic participants for the BCoin meetup at the Decentre Cafe in Gangnam, Seoul, from 6pm on the 13th.

BCoin has signed a MOU for marketing with DeCentre earlier in November, and established a system for active marketing in Korea.

"Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution to all users, including investors and blockchain stakeholders. We have already launched more than 10 major cryptocurrencies on the exchange platform, and we are trying to expand the use of these tokens through distribution of exchange tokens.", the director Chris Cho said. He added, "With this visit to Korea, I am glad to be here, and I hope to be able to carry on with marketing and promotions that are well suited to the Korean market with DeCentre."

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