Episode 01

Partners | 21, December, 2018

DeCentre, partnership with Blockchain Today magazine

DeCentre, a blockchain marketing and accelerating company, signed a MOU with the blockchain magazine "Blockchain Today" on 20th. The partnership event was held at the DeCentre blockchain cafe in in Gangnam, Seoul.

Blockchain Today is an online and offline magazine related to the issue of blockchain and cryptocurrency, which is the core technology of the 4th industry. The company has 100,000 readers, including blockchain investors, communities, blockchain start-ups and exchanges, through sponsorship of large conferences in Korea, major bookstores nationwide and sales of Amazon e-commerce companies.

Through this alliance, DeCentre will introduce DeCentre's capabilities and vision to the blockchain professional media, and will promote it widely to related practitioners. Blockchain Today also hopes to improve information accessibility for blockchain stakeholders based on the promotion of DeCentre Cafe.

David Lee, CEO of DeCentre said, "We have concluded this agreement with the blockchain Today to expand and revitalize the business and culture of the blockchain. We hope to have a good partnership between the two companies, I hope we will contribute to the understanding of the blockchain and the cultural exchange. "