Episode 01

Partners | 21, December, 2018

DeCentre signed a partnership MOU with Hong Kong investment company Zeofund

DeCentre (CEO David Lee), a blockchain marketing and accelerating company, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on a recent partnership with Hong Kong-based investment company Zeo Fund.

ZeoFund (CEO James Bang) is an investment company that provides asset management and investment related services to institutional investors and accredited investors in the crypto market. This partnership MOU is to cooperate for continuous investment of cryptography and expansion of Korea market. .

James Bang said, "We look forward to cooperating with the company, which is well aware of the Korean market and can lead effective investment and collaboration," he said. "I would like to attract investment in domestic projects to be excavated in the future." "While we work with DeCentre as a bridgehead to broaden the Hong Kong market, we want to help Hong Kong with all the work we need to invest in Hong Kong or to enter Hong Kong when we introduce a good project in DeCentre," he said.

Mr. David Lee, CEO of DeCentre said, "We will make efforts to create a successful collaboration and a proper investment environment based on the business of finding and marketing blockchain projects in Korea based on the work of DeCentre Knowhow and ZeoFund." As a strategic partner in Hong Kong, "We are looking forward to cooperating with the Zeofund in the future," he said.